Tips to Be a More Productive Software Engineer

Photo by Andreas Klassen on Unsplash

1. Don’t code right away

Yes, you read that right! As a software engineer, we may get very excited to build the next big feature that we think that it will bring the product to a greater height and jump right into coding. Sometimes, it may end up being a wrong feature which no one uses.

2. Keep the scope small

Every new feature or enhancement should be treated as though they are MVP (minimum viable product). There may be some product managers who want this and want that. It is our responsibility to reflect on the requirements and try to negotiate on a smaller scope.

3. Minimize distraction

We should be working in a comfortable environment. Get rid of steel chair and invest in a good ergonomic chair. Close the door if the surrounding is noisy.

4. KISS in daily standup

We should keep it short and simple in our daily standup by just stating what we have done previous day and what we plan to do for the day.

5. Reduce working hour

Set a deadline in our mind on the target time to finish the task. This is so that we do not procrastinate. It’s best to aim to finish the task within our working hours of 9 to 5.

6. Take short break

Have a short coffee chat with colleagues at the pantry. Or look out from the window at the faraway greeneries to give your eyes some rest.

7. Ask the right person

At times, we may get stuck at work; it can be due to the technical complexity or unclear functional requirement. Don’t stop right there and ask the right person for help or clarification. If it’s a technical complexity problem, Google can be the right person too!

8. Apply automation

Thank god that we are now living in quite an advanced world. When we have to do something repeatedly, more often than not we can find some tools out there we can automate the tasks.

9. Read books or articles

We have to be constantly improving on our technical know-how by reading more books or articles. Just for sharing, a good example of book: System Design Interview — An Insider’s Guide: Volume 2.



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